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Book Scanning

Is the information in a book more valuable than the book itself? The book will be taken apart.

AGAIN - Is the information in a book the most valuable part of that book?

I've scanned many of my own books to, frankly, get rid of clutter.  They were books I was never going to read, or seldomly reference, but at the same time - I didn't want to part with them.  Goodwill?  They are overwhelmed may or may not sell your books; and definitely not if there is an inscription. Online booksellers? If they even want your book, you normally pay to ship it to them.  Local Library?  Same as Goodwill (except for the selling part).  Is City Recycling really the best option?  It's no worse than anything else.  


This process is clearly not for a first edition, signed, Harry Potter book.  It is, however, perfect for recipe books, reference books, even run-of-the-mill novels.

What are you talking about?

A Medium-Quality sample of what to expect:

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