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How It Works in 3 Steps!

  1. Fill out the form and let me know anything specific about your needs in the "additional info" box.

  2. I create a private Dropbox share for you and notify you to upload photos (dropbox not required on your end)

  3. I make my edits and send you watermarked versions along with an invoice. If you like what you see, simply pay the invoice and I will send the unwatermarked images.  Otherwise, simply do not pay and our business is concluded.

For each photo you upload, I might create up to 4 or 5 edits.  Tastes are different, and what I like may not suit your tastes; therefore, I provide you with serveral choices.  You DO NOT PAY for these additional edits.  You only pay for the individual photos uploaded!  For example, if you upload 3 vacation photos, you may get back 10 to 15 "edits", but you wil pay for the services of 3 photos.

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