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bring memories to life

The photos you have of special moments in your life, like a birthday, welcoming a newborn, weddings, plays, vacations, graduations - all taken with either an older camera or your phone.  You’ve taken 1000s of photos and they are all “oatmeal” - nothing particularly spectacular and mostly taking up space on a computer.

fix the boring 


Because no one has a personal professional photographer with them at all times, photos of memories usually end up on buried in your phone's camera roll or inside a photo management application.  The few photos that are good enough to keep may just be the ones where you say "it's good enough".

Don't settle for "okay" or "good enough".  Let me use professional tools and knowledge to breathe life into your photos!  

Drag the slider to see the difference!

Noir you dreaming in black and white?

Here's how most black and white conversions go: desaturate the image so it's black and white, or select the "Noir" preset in a photo app (okay, noir is not that bad).

In this image from Hong Kong, I saw it and thought "What was I taking a picture of?" Then I experimented with black and white.  I made some things darker than they should be, others lighter than they are supposed to be; it's gritty, grainy, throw in a little art-deco feel, add some drama.  Hmm... seems like a pretty good definition of "Noir!"

be the best version of yourself

App filters and "beautifiers" do an okay job for posting on social media.  But there are times you need an actual person looking at the needs of the photo.  Removing moles and acne, lessening a shine, brighting the eyes and teeth, or adding some saturation in key locations can all be done tastefully - without the end result looking fake.

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restoration -

back to the future

Photo restoration can be simple, nearly impossible, or anything between.  There are different techniques and programs used for restoration.  Most photos that need restoration are touchups: scratches, grain, slightly faded, maybe a small piece missing.  Other photos take time, ingenuity and thoughtfulness.

Drag the slider to see the difference!

other digital services


Convert old 78s and 45s to digital audio- scratches and all!

Minimal audio cleaning (removing hiss) might be possible


Convert VHS tapes to digital format. 


Convert cassettes to digital audio- scratches and all!

Minimal audio cleaning (removing hiss) might be possible


Photo and document scanning.  OCR available for documents


Create video slide shows of your best photos!


Vector image creation.  Good for logos and Cricut machines

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