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  • I look at each element in a photograph to see what could be made better.  

  • Are there certain elements that could be more interesting?

  • Cropping can tell  an entirely different story

  • Do I need to erase flaws?

  • What happens if I change the lighting?

  • Can a certain area of the photo to be enhanced differently?

it's more than just tapping a button in an app!

let me help you escape your comfort zone - creatively!

This "before" image in Hong Kong was horrible. Sometimes photo improvements are about experimentation, and this is a great example of that.  I knew I wanted the viewer to look down the street and get a sense of a gritty, late-night downtown.  On the "street side" of the image are 16 different edits and adjustments!  I went out of my way to make it look almost mystical - without it being a fantasy.  

I understand this may not be to your liking.  And that's fine!  I will make your "before" image look great without all of the arty effects.  But don't be surprised if I also throw in a stylized version for you - just for fun!

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