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Pimples, selfies, and portraits - oh my!

Listen, I've always hated having my photo taken.  It's a form of PTSD from being a long time acne sufferer.  And even being acne free today, my best photos are the ones where I'm in the background.  Most retouches I do are facial fixes - splotchy skin, acne, and redness.  My editing is only to a "tasteful" level.  I am not one to turn the "glow" effect up to 100 and over saturate the lips to "Ronald McDonald red".  Pimples and scars will be done, your skin will look even; but, the freckles - that's you.   Facial slimming is popular too; sometimes even a slight body slimming.

Even if a professional photographer took a photo of you or your family, the photo itself would already be fantastic, but I might be able to offer a different perspective on how the image could look. Let me help!

Are those high school portrait studios charging way too much to smooth out the skin?
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