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Are you worried that modern technologies will make your services obsolete?


If the answer was 100% yes, then even photographers would be out of a job too. It is true smart phones get better and better each year, but I'm not referring to the camera itself - I am referring to the AI (artificial intelligence) that processes the photo. Software-assisted cameras can help take some truly amazing pictures, but photographers are still around. Why? Because they have better equipment and knowledge.

Like the photographer, and other digital content creators, I spend my time on the bleeding edge of what is being developed. When I learn of a new technology, I invest in it, study it, and use it. The separating factor for most people is money and time. The general public wants something easy and free - like an app. On the flip-side, I don't.

Take Photoshop for example. Photoshop has some "iPad-y" tools; like - "convert a photo to a pencil sketch". If this is what you want, there are tons of apps that can do this. Even Luminar has iPad-y tools disguised as "Lumiar Looks" (and now all of the Luminar people are yelling at me - "that's not a good comparison". It's good enough to stress my point).

The point is, Photoshop, Luminar, Pixelmator, Affinity, etc specialize in expert tools. These tools give us fine-grain control over images. Dodging and burning, lighting curves, masks - they are just not found in free ipad apps. They can, however, be found in paid ipad apps.

"BUT THESE TOOLS YOU TALK ABOUT USE A TON OF A.I. AND ALL YOU DO IS CLICK 1 BUTTON". Yep - you got it! But most of us don't rely on AI. We use it as a starting point. When using AI, one of two things will happen: AI = good results, and then we use expert tools. Or, AI = bad results, and then we use expert tools. It would be rare that someone doing work for a client would click on a single AI image improvement and be satisfied with the results.

What's the point of my post? No, I'm not worried my skills will be obsolete. You'll always need to invest money and getting used to the learning curve of professional tools. Some of the "pro stuff" might make its way down to the free apps in the future, and when they do, that's fine - I'll be learning the new stuff.

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