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Privacy Policy

What information do you collect?

When you use my services, I ask for some information that will identify you as a customer. This information includes your name, email address, and uploaded images. I require your name and email to organize my files (in order to differentiate you vs another customer), to communicate with you, and to collect a payment. Without these, I would work on photos from an unknown uploader and not get paid. I do not store this info, I do not sell this info, I do not collect analytics.


The following services I use have their own privacy policies: the service hosting this website

OneDrive: used for file uploads and transfers between us

Google G-Suite: gmail (used for our communications)

Wave Invoices: used to collect payments


What do you do with this information?

I never supply your personal information to any third party for advertising or promotional purposes. I will use your email address to send you information regarding your service, but this is a private email between you and me, no different than an email you might send to a collegue. As mentioned earlier, I require your name and email to organize my files (in order to differentiate you vs another customer), to communicate with you, and to collect a payment.  


Is my information secure?

Your personal information will ultimately reside on my own personal computer.  Because I also store my own personal information (much more sensitive than the information you provide me) on the same PC and hard drives, I have taken steps to ensure my PC and hard drives are secure.  Be confident in my ability to keep your information safe based on the fact I want my own information to be safe.


What about cookies?

I use the following services to help me run my service:, onedrive, Google G-SUITE, and Wave Invoices.  You will interact with all 4 of those companies during our transaction.  These sites have their own policy on privacy and cookies.  As for the job I do for you, on my PC, I do not collect, need, or want this information

How long do you keep my files?

Three days after our business is concluded.  After this, both your originals and edits (the final product) are unrecoverable by me.


Would you ever use my photos in promoting your website?

All photos on the site are photos I've taken, are of family members, or come from friends.  In no way will I ever use your images or edits in order to further the business of my website unless I get your permission.


Still have Questions?

email me as

In General

You are providing me data (photos), and by the nature of my service, giving me consent to view and edit the uploaded photos.


Files you upload need to be transferred from OneDrive to my personal computer in order to work on the files.  These files are stored in a dedicated area on an external hard drive, and this area is NOT backed up (meaning if my external hard drive crashes, your original pictures only exist in OneDrive). I am using my own personal hardware for in order to provide you a service and it's simply not feasable for me to keep originals and/or the edits.


Questionable Material

It's up to you on what you want to upload. However, if the files uploaded contains any inappropriate, questionable, or illegal material, I will send you an email stating why I will not work on the photo.  If the questionable uploads persist, I will report the incident immediately to OneDrive (Microsoft) who then has the resources to take care of such matters.  I will cooperate fully with authorities. 


The type of work done

My work is limited to what is explained on the website.  For example, I mention "teeth whitening", but I do not mention "glow effects".  When you upload the photos, there is a section called "Additional Information" where you can explain some details you are looking for.  Without any instruction, I will improve the photo to my satisfaction.  



There are no refunds.  You are paying for my time to better your photos.  I provide my work on a "best effort" basis.  

Terms of Use

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