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Photo Restoration

The physical photos you have of special moments in your life - like a birthday, welcoming a newborn, weddings, vacations, graduations - may be in a photo album, shoebox, or buried in the back of a drawer.  Are they ripped?  Stained?  Faded?  Damaged in any other way?  Let me do what I can to restore your photograph!

Object Replacement

If I need to replace clothing in a photo, I'll do so with period-appropriate items.  I then "dirty up" those items to make them look consistent with the rest of the photo.  The girl on the left had her entire skirt and right leg replaced.

Tonal Range

In the original, the man's suit, shoes, and water well were all the same tone.  The woman's dress, skin, and background were also similar.  In the restoration, the man's suit has visible lapels, the well-walls have shading, and the woman's dress now separates from her skin.

Detail Enhancement

This photo was mainly repairing the rips and creases, but notice the dress itself.  Selective details were pulled to make the dress "pop" yet keep the skin soft.

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